Reach More Therapists

Improve Your Therapy Room's Visibility

It is really straightforward to set up your therapy room listing on UK Therapy Rooms. Here are some important tips to help increase your visibility on Google and other search engines - remember, many potential clients will be searching using Google and we want your listing to land at the top of the first results page.

1. Place a link to your listing on your own website

The more links there are to your page on other websites, then the higher your page is likely to rank in search engines. It's not so much for therapists to click on, but more for search engines to recognise that your page has 'votes' in the form of links. To do this, navigate to your listing, and then copy the URL in the address bar at the top. Then use that to add a link on your website.

2. Upload plenty of content

Make sure you have uploaded lots of photos, videos and any articles you may have. The richer the content, the more Google and other search engines will recognise your page as relevant and useful for therapists searching for therapy rooms to rent. Do this by navigating from your 'dashboard' after logging in to your account.

3. Tag your content

Make sure you type in plenty of relevant key words in the 'tag' sections. When you upload photos to your page, for example, there is a section specifically for this.

4. Talk about your page on social media

Place a link on your Google Plus and/or Facebook page if you have one. And if you have a Twitter or other social media account, share a link and a description. Search engines love to see engagement with social media, and this will help to bring your own listing to the top of search results.

UK Therapy Rooms is specfically designed to enable you to upload rich content so that your visibility to potential clients is very high. Make the most of this and reap the rewards!